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The DoctorDr. Marty Finkelstein Chiropractor Decatur Georgia 30032

Dr. Marty Finkelstein, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

When Dr. Marty Finkelstein was twenty three years old he was diagnosed with a severe digestive disorder called Ulcerative Colitis. After being examined by several medical specialists he was prescribed prednizone and told there was nothing else that could be done at that time. He was also told that eventually he would probably need surgical intervention and that this condition could lead to Colon Cancer. Thankfully a few weeks later a friend of his referred him to a holistic chiropractor. Amazingly instead of being told nothing could be done this doctor explained specific wellness and healing strategies to Dr. Finkelstein that would correct this illness and continue to help him become healthier and healthier. That day in that office Dr. Finkelstein had an epiphany after hearing everything explained regarding physical, and emotional healing. It all made perfect sense. He was in Pre-Med at that time in his life, but now knew he was meant to be a doctor that specialized in holistic wellness, a Chiropractor.

He began following all the recommendations from his chiropractor and within nine months Ulcerative Colitis no longer existed. Since then it has been Dr. Finkelstein's purpose and mission to assist all others to greater well being. Regardless of age or condition he understood that everyone had an opportunity to become healthier if they also were willing to change.